Extensive Experience and Understanding


Paragon has direct, in-depth experience in the following power generation technologies:
  • Renewable energy generation technologies including wind (land-based and offshore), solar (residential, C&I and utility scale), geothermal, landfill gas, and biofuels
  • Natural gas-fired power generation; including mature and state-of-the-art combustion technologies
  • Electric and natural gas storage
  • Coal and waste coal-fired power generation
  • Liquid fuel-fired power generation with combustion turbines and Rankin cycle boilers


Paragon principals have served in senior management roles for renewable energy companies, intrastate pipelines, storage fields, processing plants and distribution systems in Texas, Louisiana and Colorado, and have deep knowledge of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market.

In addition, Paragon principals have managed the development, design, construction, financing, commissioning and operation of over 6 GW of power generating assets, including wind, solar, natural gas, LNG, and coal-fired facilities.

Paragon has an in-depth understanding of the gas and power markets and has structured, negotiated and closed numerous commodity-based transactions.

Track Record

Paragon’s industry experience, knowledge, contacts, and resources provide a unique platform for advising clients on energy asset-related issues:
  • Expert in current issues facing contracted and merchant energy assets, and the tax equity and other structured financing techniques necessary to optimize them
  • Extensive knowledge of all major US power and gas market regions
  • Proven track record developing and structuring asset-based transactions
  • Proven track record negotiating gas and power commodity trading agreements with major trading counterparties, implementing gas and power risk management strategies, and executing commodity-based transactions
  • Project technical/engineering capabilities allow for a full scope of services