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Our Focus

Structured Finance.

Our segment focus in structured finance includes utility-scale, C&I, and residential solar, utility-scale storage, and utility-scale wind. Our financial product focus includes tax credit monetizations (partnership flips, hybrids, credit transfers, leases) and various types of debt financings (development, construction, term and mezzanine debt).

In each of these segments and financial product types, we have worked on and successfully closed financings on many of the most innovative and complex projects that have led the energy transition path in the United States. The typical dollar size of these transactions ranges from as small as $50 million, to as large as $2 billion per engagement.

Our Role in Financings.

In structured financings, we advise clients on optimal structuring and pricing solutions for each portion of the capital stack including tax equity, tax credits, and project debt. And depending on a variety of factors, capital solicitations may be focused on competitive processes or bilateral negotiations.

With our breadth and depth of experience, we can guide our clients and develop a preferred marketing and execution approach, relying on both quantitative and qualitative assessment.

We Address All Aspects of Engagement.

A typical structured finance engagement covers all aspects of the placement process, from capital structuring and investor solicitation, to proposal review, term sheet and definitive documentation execution, and through final funding.

Our structured financing engagements typically commence prior to project NTP and continue through COD, lasting a year or longer.